Are you the one who wants to explore the vibe of traveling with friends? We all know and can relate to the fact that a trip with friends can always be exciting and memorable. Since childhood, we crave to be with our buddies and this gives us exciting opportunities to get to know each other better. Traveling is not just about going out, it offers a lot more than this. From exploring new places to playing games while traveling, we all know how living these moments can give us amazing and exciting memories all the way while traveling.

If you remember school and college trips, it’s definitely sure that you carry some of the other memories that you still cherish. Even when you grow up and go out with your buddies, the list of exploration and surprise is endless. In order to help you know more about this exciting journey, this blog covers everything you need to know about traveling with friends.

Why should you choose to go on a trip with friends?

The bonds and relationships are something that gives us a lot many experiences in life. While some may even wish to travel alone, eventually this is a great realization that a trip with friends can give you a lot of amazing things that you may not even be aware of. Here are some of those exciting things which you can expect out of it:

1. Experience Out of the Box Explorations

Traveling is a journey that offers a lot many things in life. It is kind of a moment in which you live for a certain amount of time but it remains you forever for your entire life. When you go in a group with your best or close friends, you experience that different vibe that makes you feel emotionally joyous and gives you a sense of connectivity with each one of them. Some of the experiences like- Hot air ballooning, beach rides, trekking, etc. can be fun out-of-the-box explorations that may give you real sense while you travel with friends.

2. Trip with Friends Foster Strong Connections & Friendship

Who doesn’t like to be around friends forever? Traveling is one such way which gives you opportunities to indulge in the lives of one another that otherwise which we don’t usually do. Here when you spend time together and travel with friends, you get a lot of opportunities to know what’s going on in their lives. While a trip with friends is not a final destination, it sets a course for you to go the extra mile and even plan more such outings in the future.

3. Tripping with Friends give you a great company

While you travel with friends, you get good company that you otherwise may not get while traveling alone. While solo trips may be a good way to travel, trips with friends are more exciting as it gives you people to cherish moments with. Here you get more chances to share interests and explore places with the group which you know is amazing and exciting. It can be your childhood friends, college friends, or may be professional friends.

4. Do you know that a Trip with Friends Can be Cheap & Cost-Effective?

While this may sound surprising to you, it is really a great fact when you see it from the perspective of traveling with a group of people. When you go for a trip with friends, you share expenses which makes it cheap for you to book accommodations, exploration activities, traveling, etc. For instance- if you book activities like paragliding or bungee jumping in a group, you will definitely get a good discount.

5. Safety and Support

Traveling with a group of friends can be a safe experience for one and all. This can fit in well from the perspective of people of different ages. You may even agree to the fact that if you are a teenage group, then your parents will be more supportive in sending you for trips if you are going with your friends. Apart from that, in many cases, you can go out miles to explore different activities like- trekking in the jungle, going out in the mountains, staying up all night at the beach. A group of friends is something that allows you to explore anything without having a second thought in mind about your safety.

Final Words: Ideas to Go Tripping with your Buddies in India

I am pretty sure that you have definitely seen the movie – “Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani”. You might have noticed that going for a trip with friends, you explore the moments which inculcate the feeling of realizations, emotions, and whatnot.

trip with friends

To infuse such a spirit of travel in you, here are some of the suggestions which you can choose to plan your next trip with your friends:

1. Manali: One of the all-season destinations featuring mountains and snow, you can go sightseeing, trekking, paragliding, river rafting, and lots more. The average budget for the trip can be anywhere around 4-6k per person.

2. Rishikesh: Best spot during the pre-summers as you get to spend a good time around the river with some spiritual and peaceful vibes. Here also you can plan to do various activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, zip line, riverside camping, etc. The average budget for the trip can be anywhere around 6-8k per person.

3. Goa: Want to explore “Dil Chahta hai” vibes? Goa is the perfect place to go with friends and enjoy the lavish life at beaches. From pop culture concerts to amazing environment-friendly explorations, you get to enjoy everything here. Here you will get amazing cafes, resorts, waterfalls, water-based activities, and many more things. The average budget for a trip can be anywhere around 10-20k per person.

4. Jim Corbett: Do you have a group that loves to be around nature then this is the perfect getaway you can have with your friends. Set up in the middle of Uttarakhand, the Jim Corbett offers a peaceful stay in between the jungles to explore the thrill and excitement in different ways while sighting leopards, tigers, etc. The average cost per person can be anywhere around 5-7k per person.

While you might already be in a state of daydreaming, Hope this blog tempts you to soon plan a trip with your friends. To get more amazing and exciting recommendations, read more of our blogs on travel.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on trip with friends, we will be covering more such articles on SafarKaSaathi to give you better insights about different types of travels.

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