A solo trip can provide you with an amazing experience to get exposure to the world by enjoying your own company and exploring the most magnificent and wonderful places around the world. It will help you in personal growth, make you feel that your soul is the better company for a memorable trip, filled with peace, adventure, and joy.  

If you are willing to give yourself some space from the busy life and want to spend your time alone for some moment. Solo traveling will be a better option you can opt for. Solo traveling signifies traveling alone, feeling the vibes of nature, and interacting with strangers to gain an alluring experience. It provides you with a lesson that you do not need anybody to make you feel whole. For many people, it can be advantageous to keep themselves stay away from the tension, anxiety, and depression they are facing in their life. 

Solo Trip refers to taking the venture to travel alone and explore new avenues, experiences and lots more.

Solo Trip

Why Travel Alone?

People prefer to do solo trips to find themselves and enjoy some moments alone to gain experiences by exploring some amazing places and make life happy, better, and memorable. In solo traveling, you can do whatever you want, and it feels like you are free from all the stressful life, go wherever you are willing to, and admire the beauty of nature, with exotic adventures. 

Places People Prefer for Solo Trips in India

If you are planning to go on a Solo trip, the best and budget-friendly place you can go is Kasol, to feel the mountains and the serenity of nature. Apart from this, for some mesmerizing and adventurous experiences Udaipur, Rishikesh, Sikkim, Mussoorie, Ladakh, and Ziro valley are well-preferred places, for solo travelers to plan their trips. These places give positive vibes and are considered the most captivating destination for a comfortable, safe, and secure Solo Travelling experience for you.  

Tips to Plan a Solo Travelling 

Are you traveling alone for the first time?? So, for delightful experiences you need to choose a destination that is budget-friendly and of course, must ensure safety while traveling. Try to arrive at your preferred destination during the daytime. You must ensure that your luggage must be packed light so that it can provide you an ease to travel to Indian destinations. For passing the time during the journey, it will be good to make new friends, interact with new people. It will help you to develop a network and gather a bundle of memories, filled with talks and sharing experiences. 

It becomes necessary for a solo traveler to get some good accommodation for comfortable stays. So, for that hostel can be a budget-friendly option for the youngsters to stay there while traveling to different parts of India. Along with this, you need to carry the essentials, talk to locals, gain knowledge about the place, and stay sober to boost positivity inside you. 

Is Solo Travelling Effective for Personal Growth? 

I believe that Solo Travelling will help you to explore yourself and the places to enlighten the experiences by traveling alone and facing the exciting challenges in your life. My solo trip to Kasol, was one of the best experiences as a Solo traveler in my life. It has helped me in enhancing my personal growth. It even assists me in realizing that one does not need a group or partner to travel. But for living a peaceful and happy life, solo travel can provide you an exotic experience to find yourself your interest as well as keep yourself positive to make it worthy for happy survival.

From my experience, I found that it has to help me in pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It has even built confidence as well as helped me in overcoming my fear which has earlier created hindrance in my life. Solo traveling has helped me in discovering my skills and my travel lifestyle too.

It has played a vital role to develop self-awareness inside me. And the trip to Kasol taught me the biggest lesson to stay brave in every situation and face challenges. This will surely enlighten your experience and make life more worthy full of joy with no regrets.

I realized that Solo Travelling can be a good investment, as in return it will give you cherishing memories, and provide you an enthusiastic experience to live a happy life and learn to enjoy your own company.

Life is too short, so enjoy every moment of it. It’s time to choose the destination, pack your bags, and move ahead towards experiencing the most fantastic and budget-friendly solo trips you can ever forget. Bring some fun and enthusiasm into your life, discover new places, explore them, and enjoy your own company by traveling alone to the desired place.           


In short, solo traveling is a miracle for your mind and body to explore the best of yourself. Anytime if you are struggling with mental peace or want a way around, you should choose to travel alone in mountains and beaches to make yourself feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Hope this blog from SafarKaSaathi has made you realize the value of solo traveling as we want you to venture into a different world of exploration and vibe of traveling in a different manner. 

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